Workshop: Keeping children safe online

Workshop: Keeping children safe online

International organisations are increasingly engaged in projects or activities that use social media as a form of engagement, empowerment and development. This has huge benefits for children and young people. However, it can also create potential risks to children.

Based on Keeping Children Safe’s guidance, Keeping Children Safe Online: A guide for organisations. this one-day workshop focuses on the risks and issues young people face online, offers a practical solution through a tried and tested risk mitigation model, and gives participants the opportunity to consider how they will

Who can benefit from the workshop?

This workshop is aimed at organisations working with children and young people in developing countries, where there is an increasing use of social media and a need for organisations working with children to protect them in the online world. It is especially useful for:

  • Child safeguarding leads in international organisations

  • Social media managers

  • Communications managers

  • Programme managers

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • An understanding of the Keeping Children Safe online model

  • The skills to implement the Keeping Children Safe online model in the programmes and initiatives you run

  • An understanding of your responsibility (within the context of your organisation) in relation to online safety/social media

Every bespoke workshop is tailored to your organisation’s needs. The programme description is an example of a typical one-day keeping children safe online workshop.


  • Children’s access to social media across the world

  • Risks and issues that young people face online

  • Mitigating risk online – an overview of the PIES model

  • Mitigating risk online in your organisation

  • Next steps and ways forward

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