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Keeping Children Safe is a dynamic and growing global network working to keep the world’s most vulnerable children safe from abuse and exploitation.

International Child Safeguarding Standards

All organisations have a responsibility to protect children by implementing the International Child Safeguarding Standards. 


Keeping Children Safe advocates for the universal adoption, implementation and monitoring of international standards on safeguarding. We seek to influence donors to lead the way by requiring that the organisations they fund, adopt and implement and monitor child safeguarding standards. We aim to collect and publish data and evidence on the prevalence of child abuse within organisations specifically focusing on the most vulnerable children.

Capacity Building

Keeping Children Safe supports organisations to develop child safeguarding policies and implement procedures to ensure their staff, operations, and programmes do no harm to children. 


Keeping Children Safe is building a global movement of organisations committed at the highest level to child safeguarding and actively influencing others to adopt and uphold the standards. We support a broad based community of practice, drawing from the expertise of our members and the learning from the capacity-building and training programme.


The Keeping Children Safe certification scheme is for organisations working or coming into contact with children that want to make sure they are meeting the Child Safeguarding Standards and gain certification as safe for children.