Self-audit Process

Self Audit

Self-audit Process

Is your organisation doing all it can to keep children safe?
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Take this online self-audit to determine your organisation's strengths and weaknesses in keeping children safe. By completing this short online self-audit you can measure how far (or near) your organisation is from meeting children safeguarding standards and where you need to improve. Every organisation needs to think about the implications of their work and make sure they are not putting children at risk of abuse. 


  1. The self-audit tool asks you to think about four different areas of your organisation. Each area is based on a Keeping Children Safe standard.
  2. There are six statements/standards within each area. Decide whether each statement is:
     Green for in place
     Orange for partially done
     Red for not in placeMark the appropriate coloured box. Select only one circle per statement.
  3. Your answers will automatically be transferred to the Self-audit Web graphic through colour coding.
    When you have finished the web graphic will illustrate what stage your organisation has reached in making children safe and what further action is needed.

    Only Keeping Children Safe will have access to this information!


Start the audit

30 Minutes