Introduction to Child Safeguarding


Introduction to Child Safeguarding

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This three-day workshop will give you the basic knowledge and skills to implement child safeguarding measures in your organisation.

Based on Keeping Children Safe’s International Child Safeguarding Standards the workshop will increase your knowledge and understanding of child abuse and what is required to keep children safe. It will develop a common sense of purpose among participants on strategies and approaches to ensure high quality and consistent implementation of child safeguarding measures throughout their organisation. You will review your organisation’s current safeguarding measures and consider what other child safeguarding measures may be necessary. In a highly interactive way, you will consider the challenges of building safe environments for children with particular reference to children in vulnerable situations, and support the integration of child safeguarding into all areas of activity of within your organisation and carry out practical planning for this. You will walk away with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to strengthen your organisation’s current child safeguarding policy and procedures and adapt them at the country and project levels.

"I would like to specially appreciate your support throughout the process of revising our child safeguarding policy.  Your specialist advice before, during and after our workshop  and the successive technical support greatly benefited us." - Stella Ngumuta, Jesuit Refugee Service, Eastern Africa


Who can benefit from the workshop?

This workshop is useful for trustees, directors, managers and designated child safeguarding focal persons of any organisation that works abroad and comes into contact with children.

By the end of the workshop participants should be better able to:

  • Understand more about the problem of child abuse and their role in safeguarding children
  • Promote the safety and protection of children the organisation is in contact with
  • Identify specific risks and issues within the organisation and mitigate these
  • Support implementation of practical measures within their organisation designed to keep children safe
  • Recognise and respond to actual or potential child safeguarding issues and incidents.

Every bespoke workshop is tailored to your organisation’s needs. The programme description is an example of a typical introduction to child safeguarding workshop.


Day 1

  • What is child safeguarding and what is it we are trying to address?
  • How religious systems and traditional practices can keep children safe (optional)
  • Child safeguarding in emergencies
  • Child safeguarding and the impact of HIV/AIDS (optional)
  • Barriers to protecting children
  • Meeting safeguarding standards
  • Mapping out your organisation’s contact with children.

Day 2

  • Risk assessments
  • Self-audit
  • What makes a good child safeguarding policy nd how to develop it
  • Preventing harm: recruitment.

Day 3

  • Preventing harm: communications
  • Preventing harm: safe activities
  • Preventing harm: developing a code of conduct
  • Adapting child safeguarding to your country and local context
  • Reporting and responding to child safeguarding concerns
  • Barriers to reporting
  • The designated child safeguarding focal person
  • The role of managers in child safeguarding
  • Implementing child safeguarding: your action plan.

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please contact:

Stefan Yordanov, Capacity Building Programme Manager.

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 250 8325