Developing your Child Safeguarding Policy

Developing your child safeguarding policy


Developing your Child Safeguarding Policy

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This three-day workshop will give you the knowledge and skills to develop or strengthen your child safeguarding policy and procedures.

Based on Keeping Children Safe’s International Child Safeguarding Standards, the workshop focuses on the practical aspects of drafting a policy that is adapted to your country’s legal and cultural context. You will gain a basic understanding of the various types of child abuse and how beliefs, values, and traditional practices can influence a person’s response to child safeguarding concerns. You will learn what makes a good child safeguarding policy, one that addresses both prevention and response. Finally, you will be given the tools and opportunity to draft your own policy step-by-step, or strengthen your existing one.

"Many thanks for all that you do to protect the littlest of global citizens."  Mary Margaret Carroll - The Department of Surgery and The North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center

Who can benefit from the workshop?

This workshop is especially useful for anyone entrusted to develop or strengthen a child safeguarding policy, for example, trustee, director, or child safeguarding focal person.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  1. Increased your knowledge and understanding of child abuse, and what is required to keep children safe
  2. Developed strategies and approaches to ensure high quality and consistent implementation of child safeguarding measures throughout the organisation
  3. Mastered the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to develop and implement a child safeguarding policy and procedures
  4. Written a draft child safeguarding policy fit for purpose for your country’s legal and cultural context
  5. Developed an action plan for implementing the policy throughout your organisation

Every bespoke workshop is tailored to your organisation’s needs. The programme description is an example of a typical workshop resulting in a draft policy and action plan.


Day 1

  • Definition and indicators of child abuse
  • What is meant by child safeguarding?
  • Mapping out your organisation’s contact with children
  • Managing risks
  • International and national legal frameworks that protect children
  • Keeping Children Safe’s international child safeguarding standards

Day 2

  • The key elements of a child safeguarding policy
  • Writing the commitment statement
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe recruitment
  • Code of conduct
  • Communications

Day 3

  • Managing child safeguarding concerns
  • Monitoring and review
  • Writing an implementation plan

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please contact:

Stefan Yordanov, Capacity Building Programme Manager. 

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 250 8325