Management of Child Safeguarding Allegations

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Published by Keeping Children Safe, 2016

It is essential that managers with designated responsibility for overseeing investigations have a consistent approach to setting up and managing the response to any child safeguarding allegation. 

This guidance provides an overview of how to manage incidents and concerns where it involves a member of staff, consultant, associate or a volunteer from one or more agencies or partner agencies. It is specifically targeted at more senior managers who hold designated responsibility for overseeing such investigations. It should complement internal child safeguarding policies and procedures and builds on the initial work done by the NSPCC and Humanitarian Accountability Partnership - International (HAP)/CHS Alliance around Building Safer Organisations and developing model investigation protocols.

This Keeping Children Safe guidance will:

  • Help managers create a plan for managing child safeguarding allegations, both current and historical in order to provide a consistent and robust approach
  • Provide advice about specific issues that might arise within more complex safeguarding concerns
  • Provide managers with key information about how to give oversight, direction and leadership when managing a child safeguarding allegation.