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Fundraising Ideas for schools

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Our top 10 fundraising ideas for schools:

Dress up/down day
Dress down for the day, go in fancy dress, dress in a colour, choose a theme (superheroes), pyjama day, silly hat day and so many more! Pay a pound on the day to take part.

School disco
Kids love to boogie so organise a school disco and ask everyone to make a donation on the door.

Sports event
From football to hockey, netball to cricket, get the kids cheering at a charity sports event. Alternatively, use your existing sports day to ask friends and family for donations and sell refreshments.

Cake sale
Ask your best bakers to create some extra special treats for your school that you can sell to pupils, staff, family and friends.

Talent show
Unearth your school’s talent. Singing, poetry, dancing, comedy, music and more! Ask entrants to make a donation to take part and sell tickets for the show to family and friends.

Put a fun quiz together for your school and ask for donations to take part. Prizes for the winning teams.

Sponsored event
Sponsored silence, sleepover, readathon, skipping, spelling bee… the list is endless!

Art attack
Organise an art competition for pupils with prizes for the winning artwork. Organise an art exhibition to sell the artwork and charge an entrance fee.

Christmas hampers
Ask pupils to create Christmas hampers containing gifts, food, drink and toys that can be sold or auctioned.

Treasure hunt
Organise a treasure hunt for teams in the school grounds. Ask for a donation to take part and offer prizes to the winning teams.

Easter egg decorating
Ask pupils to donate a pound and decorate an egg at Easter. Prizes for the best-decorated eggs.