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Capacity Building

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Since 2001, Keeping Children Safe has been dedicated to building the capacity of organisations to safeguard children from exploitation and abuse.


Our child safeguarding experts are local professionals strategically located in different parts of the world. They not only understand the country-specific legal and social contexts of child safeguarding, but they support organisations in their own language. Together, our experts have worked in nearly every country in the world, supporting all types of organisations: governmental, civil society and non-profit. No organisation is too large or small to uphold their child safeguarding responsibilities.

“Nigeria’s Child Protection Networks, now active in 24 out of 36 states, are dedicated NGO coalitions. They are growing in strength and number and UNICEF welcomes the capacity-building support provided by able and committed partners such as Keeping Children Safe.” - Jacques Boyer, UNICEF Nigeria, Deputy Representative

Recognising that it is everybody's responsibility to protect children from harm, our capacity building programme helps organisations to systematically integrate child safeguarding. As a result, we support organisations at every stage of child safeguarding: from developing a policy and procedures to monitoring and evaluating their implementation. All of our work is firmly anchored in our International Child Safeguarding Standards, which focus on policy, people, procedures and accountability.

An increasing number of major donors, such as the European Commission, USAID and the Oak Foundation, are using our standards as a guide for making sure that their grantees do no harm to the children they serve.




We support organisations faced with a variety of child safeguarding challenges. Therefore, KCS does not take a one size fits all approach. We are constantly seeking new ways to support organisations facing safeguarding challenges during emergencies, in sports and organisations offering child sponsorship.

  • We deliver a targeted consultation on the child safeguarding challenges facing your organisation, saving you time and money to work out effective solutions
  • We match you with the right expert for your problem. Every consultant on our team is an authority in their field and has an exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge and experience
  • We offer follow-up support through Keeping Children Safe’s mentoring and coaching, utilising experts from KCS’s global membership.

Our tailor-made approach to supporting your child safeguarding needs includes designing and delivering in-house workshops for your trustees, senior management, staff and partners. These workshops can be from one day to five days, depending on your needs. Sometimes you just need advice or guidance. Our experts are available to answer your questions. If you need longer-term, individualised support, we will assign you a mentor or coach. 

If you have any questions or would like a free consultation, please contact:                                  Alex Dressler, Head of Capacity Building. Telephone: +44 (0) 207 250 8325.                           Email: