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Welcome Mastercard Foundation

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We are pleased to welcome our new member Mastercard Foundation to the network. Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper.

They believe that with access to education, financial services and skills training, people can have that chance; and that all people should equally have this chance, no matter their starting point in life. The Mastercard Foundation focuses in helping economically disadvantaged young people in Africa to find opportunities to move themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty to a better life. 

Among the main programme activities of their organisation is the Young Africa Works strategy, that sets out an ambitious goal for the next decade: to enable 30 Million young people in Africa, especially young women, to secure employment they see as dignified and fulfilling, by 2030. They aim to improve the quality of education and vocational training to equip young people with the skills employers need; leverage technology to connect employers and job seekers, driving growth; and enable entrepreneurs and small businesses to expand through access to financial services. 

Should you wish to know more, please visit:

We look forward to having a long and meaningful association with Mastercard Foundation.

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William Harris, International Child Safeguarding Network Manager
Email: william.harris@keepingchildrensafe.org.uk