Welcome Compassion International


Welcome Compassion International

We are pleased to welcome our new member Compassion International to the network.

Compassion International is a leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship. It offers programs to the children in greatest need of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and race — without imposing any religious obligation or conversion requirement upon them.

Compassion International child development programs provide opportunities that encourage healthy development  in four areas — spiritual, physical, social and economic. A long-term commitment for holistic child development that, in some cases, begins with prenatal care and goes all the way through leadership development for qualified young adults.

Should you wish to know more, please visit:

We look forward to having a long and meaningful association with Compassion International.

To join our network, or to know more, please get in touch with:
Maryam Ehsani, Child Safeguarding Network Manager
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7250 8325
Email: maryam.ehsani@keepingchildrensafe.org.uk