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Welcome AfriKids

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We are pleased to welcome our new member AfriKids to the network. AfriKids believes in the rights of all children, everywhere, and that they should be valued, protected and met by all.

AfriKids exist to make this the reality for children in northern Ghana, where more than half of all families live in poverty and one in ten children die before their fifth birthday. AfriKids works with families and communities to deliver child protection, health and education projects that ensure more children can be healthy, safe and in school, giving them the opportunity to escape poverty for good.

Since 2002, AfriKids has helped transform hundreds of thousands of lives. Thousands of children have been helped off the streets, out of child labour, rescued from trafficking and saved from abuse, neglect and even death as a result of traditional beliefs and practices. Instead, they have enrolled in school, their families have been supported to lift themselves out of poverty, their health has improved and harmful beliefs and practices have been dispelled.

AfriKids has achieved all of this led by a passionate and dedicated team of local people, with the simple approach of listening to their communities and empowering them to make sustainable changes themselves.

Should you wish to know more, please visit:

We look forward to having a long and meaningful association with AfriKids.

To join our network, or to know more, please get in touch with: 
William Harris, International Child Safeguarding Network Manager
Email: william.harris@keepingchildrensafe.org.uk