New webinar: Human Resources Management and Child Safeguarding


New webinar: Human Resources Management and Child Safeguarding

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Date: 14th June 2018
Time: 12pm GMT+1

The internal organisation and management of human resources as a key factor in influencing child safeguarding practices. Aside from direct processes to enhance safeguarding practices (ex. Training, report mechanisms, recruitment checks, etc.), we will discuss “indirect” influences coming from the way an organisation design its teams, address diversity, open spaces for dialogue and learning and address staff care. It is based on an ongoing reflexion and discussions held with staff around the unreported experience of abuse and barriers to report concerns.

Learning points from the webinar:

  • Where human resource management nurture safeguarding concerns for all staff
  • What are the barriers  to staff in an organisation reporting concerns internally
  • What are the experiences of other agencies on their good management practices toward a great relationship with the HR department   

The webinar will be 60 minutes long, including a 15 minutes Q&A session.

About the presenter: Frederic Baele, Global Protection and Inclusion Advisor at GOAL Global

Frederic Baele is the Global Protection and Inclusion Advisor for GOAL Global an organisation that works in more than 20 countries, in both emergency and development settings. The organisation is based in Ireland and a member of Keeping Children Safe since 2015, but the INGO had safeguarding policies in place before.

If you are a member of Keeping Children safe and would like to attend this web, please email Maryam Ehsani, Child Safeguarding Network Manager, at  to receive a registration form.

If you are not a member you can still contact Maryam to receive an overview of the membership process and the benefits you will gain by joining the Keeping Children Safe network.