Every day, in every country, children are abused, beaten, raped and more. Too often, the abuser is someone in an organisation that’s meant to help and protect children. An adult the child trusts.

Keeping Children Safe sets tough International Child Safeguarding Standards 
to ensure all organisations protect children from exploitation and abuse.

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Child abuse around the world

  • A child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence and abuse
  • Almost 200 million children have been victims of sexual abuse
  • Disabled children are between three or four times more likely to be subjected to violence and neglect
    Child on crutches
  • An estimated 246 million children are harassed and abused on the way to, or at, school

News and Stories

Welcome AfriKids

We are pleased to welcome our new member AfriKids to the network.

Welcome to our newest team member

Keeping Children Safe is very excited to be able to welcome

Eurochild becomes a Full Member of the Keeping Children Safe Child Safeguarding Network

Keeping Children Safe is pleased to announce that its member organisation Eurochild has become a Full Member of the KCS Network.