Our impact

We are global  - The Keeping Children Safe network extends into over 120 countries in the world and reaches out to over 134 million children annually. We work with governments, UN, International and local NGOs around the world whose work impacts on children to support them in preventing harm to children. We have worked with UNICEF, USAID, Save the Children, The British Council and many others. 

We have experience  - We are a network made up of some of the leading international humanitarian relief and development organisations as well as smaller national NGOs, all of whom are wishing to improve their own child safeguarding practices or support others to do so. 

We have expertise - We provide tools, guidance and capacity building support to those who have recognised their responsibility to ensure that children are protected from risks of harm.  We seek to influence those organisations which have not yet recognised their responsibilities. We provide access to the leading sources of child safeguarding knowledge, experience and tools available in the world today.

Our resources work  - We have one of the most utilised child safeguarding toolkits internationally which offers practical guidance and tools for organisations to meet standards. In a recent survey 96% of respondants found the Keeping Children Safe toolkit helpful and relevant. When organisations use the Keeping Children Safe training materials to design their own child safeguarding material 91% found it easy to use.

Organisations improve by working with Keeping Children Safe  - Once organisations engage with Keeping Children Safe there is a 91% increase in awareness of child safeguarding issues across staff within the organisation. 64% of  respondants felt that their accountability had increased, 58% answered that participation (especially of beneficiaries) had increased and 53% felt that their organisation is more transparent. Keeping Children Safe helps organisations develop.  

Funding applications can be more successful - Implementing child safeguarding standards can improve funding applications -  nearly one third of organisations felt that their funding had increased as a result of using Keeping Children Safe's materials.

Case Studies 

Source: KCS Impact study report 2014 and Membership statistics.