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The British Council is the UK's international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. They work in over 100 countries with millions of people, connecting them with the United Kingdom, sharing UK cultures, assets such as English, the Arts, Education and ways of living and organising society.

CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. It is the official overseas development and relief agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. CAFOD is a member of Caritas International


Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE) is a Bulgarian non-governmental organisation whose main aim is to promote inclusive education and make it happen for every child. CIE continues the 10-year work of Save the Children UK in Bulgaria and the region.  CIE are working for social inclusion and quality education for all children and to protect those in need. 

CIE provides child safeguarding technical assistance on Keeping Children Safe's behalf to organisations in Eastern Europe.


Child to Child is an international child rights development agency, located at the Institute of Education, University of London. Globally, Child to Child champions children’s right to be listened to and taken seriously. It believes that children should be involved in all matters which affect them. Its award-winning approach inspires children to work together to change their world, leading to healthier, safer lives and better access to school. It has been equipping the world’s leading agencies (Save the Children, Unicef) to work with children in this transformative way for over 30 years.

ChildFund International exists to help deprived , excluded and vulnerable children have the capacity to become young adults, parents and leaders who bring lasting and positive change to their communities.  ChildFund promotes societies whose individuals and institutions participate in valuing, protecting and advancing the worth and rights of children. ChildFund has been working in Ethiopia since 1972.

ChildHope is a leading authority on child protection. They aim to develop the capacity of organisations in Africa, Asia and South America to reduce child abuse and expoitation, improve child justice and participation, and promote the rights of children affected by HIV and AIDS.


CONACMI, National Commission Against Child Abuse and Neglect works to address all forms of child abuse, with a particular emphasis on the social and legal. CONACMI was created in 1994 under the judiciary of the National Attorney’s Office of Human Rights with a remit to coordinate the activities of its child focused member organizations (54 non-governmental [NGOs] and governmental organizations [GOs]. Now an independent charity, CONACMI coordinates services between health care providers, the legal system, and other government agencies, and provides technical assistance to other non-governmental organizations, hospitals and community-based institutions. Responding to the rising epidemic of gender-based violence, CONACMI began in 2008 to also focus on violence suffered by children and adolescent girls. 

CONACMI provides child safeguarding technical assistance on Keeping Children Safe's behalf to organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Islamic Relief Worldwide is an international relief and development charity which promotes sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities - regardless of race, religion or gender. We currently have operational offices in 24 countries.

Kindernothilfe (KNH) was founded in1959 by a group of dedicated Christians in Duisburg, Germany, in order to help needy children in India. Over time, it has become one of the largest Christian organizations in Europe for children's aid

Leonard Cheshire Disability works with independent, locally managed partners in over 50 countries, many of whom share the Cheshire name. Together we support over 300 disability and development organisations that, in turn, support people with disabilities to access quality inclusive education, livelihoods, health and rehabilitation services, and a voice in their societies. Our work is underpinned by campaigns to change attitudes and policies, as well as a disability and development research centre run jointly with University College London.

Plan is one of the largest child centred community development organisations in the world. They work in 62 countries on projects and initiatives that address the causes of poverty and its consequences on children's lives.

Save the Children fights for children in the UK and around the world who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice and violence. They work with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face.

SOS Children's Villages is an international, independent, non-governmental and social development organisation, which has been active in the field of children's needs, concerns and rights since 1949. Its activities focus on neglected and abandoned children and orphans, as well as disadvantaged families.

Tearfund is an evangelical Christian relief and development charity that works with partners in more than 70 countries throughout the world. It is passionate about the local church bringing justice and transforming lives overcoming global poverty .


Since its creation in 1960, the mission of Terre des Hommes International Federation has been to come to the aid of children in need. It endeavours at all times to defend the rights of children, in times of war and natural disasters, or in less publicised situations of distress. 

Viva is a global movement of Christians making a difference for children at risk. Working in over 40 countries and in partnership with international and local projects, Viva reaches 1.8 million children


War Child Holland is an independent and impartial international non-governmental organisation investing in a peaceful future for children affected by armed conflict. War Child Holland empowers children and young people whilst enabling adults to bring about positive lasting changes in the lives of conflict affected children and young people

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It is our pleasure to welcome our newest member Family Bonds Foundation to the network.

Family Bonds is a Zimbabwean not for profit, non-partisan Foundation working with families and communities to tackle issues of poverty, abuse, neglect, child marriage and the well-being of the disadvantaged people of our society with much emphasis on children, youth and women.

The organisation bears in mind importance of the knowledge that a family contributes to the growth and development of a person. It came into existence to create strong family bonds, which is a great miss in today's World, by inculcating positive family values for a better society, addressing the needs of children in the best positive ways while empowering young individuals through education, moral and social development. Further, the organisation creates opportunities and safe spaces for the young generation to obtain and disseminate information and acquire skills that will enable them to reach their full potential.

We hope to have a long and meaningful association with Family Bonds Foundation.

To join our network or to know more, please get in touch with Maryam Ehsani, our Child Safeguarding Network Manager at


Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has a central mission: to reduce harm and to rebuild lives affected by armed violence. They do this by carrying out programmatic, research and advocacy work to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.

The number of fatalities from armed violence is estimated to be over half a million people killed every year. Around two thirds of these violent deaths are estimated to occur outside conflict situations.  Poorer countries are particularly badly affected.

One of the main pillars of AOAV work is to monitor the impact of explosive weapons around the world and investigate what causes armed violence – from guns to suicide bombings.


AOAV also carry out programmatic work assisting victims in areas deeply impacted by armed violence, as well as supporting communities in finding their way out of the situations that armed violence often creates.

ADED - Appui au development de l'enfant en distresse,  is a non-government organisation established in 2000 to support the development of children in distress in the Democartic Republic of Congo. The work is carried out in two territories of the eastern provice of South Kivu.  ADED projects focus on five areas: health, education, environment, malunutrition and child rights. ADED  believe that children grow best in families and that the most effective strategy for addressing the needs of children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS and poverty is to strengthen the capacity of families and communities to provide for their care.


Agapé Adventures is an organisation with it’s roots in Ireland and arms around the world! They provide a wide range of career breaks, gap years, retirement breaks and team trips focussing on community development, education, sports, conservation and animal welfare. They believe that each person has unique talents, gifts and insights which can be used in amazing ways to support & inspire communities around the world. Agapé Adventures is a social enterprise & an ethical business. The key focus is to support the on-going work of project partners, enabling and encouraging them to do what they do best, and to see change happen around the world.


We would like to welcome latest member Book Harvest to our network.

Book Harvest provides books to children who need them in Central North Carolina. It engages families and communities to promote children’s lifelong literacy and academic success. The organisation believes that books are so essential for well-being and healthy development that all children deserve to grow-up in book-rich homes. Book Harvest works to remove barriers to book ownership and to fuel lifelong interest of reading among children. Since its inception in 2011, the organisation has provided more than half a million books to young readers.

To know more about Book Harvest, please visit


Build Africa is an award-winning development charity working in rural Kenya and Uganda. They help communities find long-term solutions to poverty through innovative education and livelihoods projects. Education programmes focus not just on access, but on attainment – ensuring often vulnerable children have the right infrastructure, resources, teaching and parental support to experience a quality education, and go on to lead productive, happy lives. Livelihood programmes work to create secure incomes by helping improve agricultural practices and market awareness for farming communities. They help families access vital basic financial services through savings and loans groups that allow them to prepare for environmental and economic stresses, and invest in their future.  


BØRNEfonden is a development organisation working in West African. They support children and youth in reaching their full potential through the enhancement of their capacities and skills, by promoting their rights to participate in decisions, and their ability to act as agents of change in the development of their communities

Casa Alianza is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation and defence of street children and victims of trafficking in Latin America. With programmes in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico they provide services to 10,000 children a year.  Casa Alianza UK became a registered charity in 1999, providing advocacy, capacity building and funding suport to partner programmes in Latin America. In the UK they provide community education on street children and provide suitably qualified volunteers to Latin American field programmes. 

CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world. CBM has Member Associations raising funds and awareness of disability issues in 'industrialised' countries worldwide. In lower-income regions of the world, CBM strives to build the capacity of partner organisations. This is all done following proven core values and with more than 100 years of experience in the field of disability.


Cecily's Fund is a small international development charity that supports vulnerable children in Zambia to access education. Many of these children have lost one or both parents, often to AIDS-related illnesses. Cecily's Fund work in Kitwe and Lusaka, two of the country's main urban areas. Programmes are designed and implemented in partnership with four Zambian NGOs. All work is delivered through peer educators who have previously been supported by Cecily's Fund to complete school. Together with communities, Cecily's Fund aims to ensure that children have access to holistic care and achieve better education and health outcomes, as well as to improve their chances of securing better livelihoods.

We would like to welcome our newest member Center for Education and Human Rights Association (CEDO) to our network.

CEDO is a nongovernmental association established in November 2011, with the aims to promote democratic value, respect for fundamental human rights and liberties and improve access to education, culture and social development for national minorities.

The association has been created at the initiative of people with vast experience in social inclusion, education, social work and research. CEDO main focus is on social inclusion in all areas of public life, especially access to education for children of Roma origins and children belong to vulnerable groups.



Chance for Childhood is an international children’s charity which strengthens and empowers local communities to protect children facing the gravest injustices. They work closely with local partners in DR Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, and Zambia to support and address the needs of the most marginalised children such as street children, former child soldiers and children with disabilities. The work ranges across three main priorities:

Justice for children- provide legal aid and access to justice for young victims of violence or neglect, and work to keep children out of the adult criminal justice system and adult prisons.

A quality education- Promote inclusive education and enable disabled children to attend mainstream schools. Chance for Childhood support a specialist deaf school in Rwanda and Early Childhood Development Services in Ghana, provide vocational training to young people in Uganda, DR Congo, Senegal and Mozambique, and reintegrate street children in Kenya back into formal schools.

Alternative and sustainable care- Support families and guardians to provide for their children in Zambia, and help orphaned and vulnerable children living in ‘child headed households’ to live independently in northern Uganda.

ChildFund Alliance is a network of eleven global, child-focused organisations that support children’s development and well-being, and implement lasting and meaningful changes in the lives of impoverished children and families worldwide. ChildFund Alliance work to improve humanity by creating an opportunity for the deprived, excluded and vulnerable children of the world. Operating worldwide, they strive to eradicate the root causes and the effects of poverty on children by implementing meaningful, sustainable solutions resulting in positive futures. Whether in fundraising or program implementation, ChildFund Alliance aim to create safe environments for children in all aspects of their work, where children are respected, protected and empowered.  Childfund Alliance work in 63 countries reaching 14 million children and their families. 

Childreach International strongly believes that all children should have the opportunity to unlock their full potential in life. We start from the bottom up, working in partnership with local communities in the developing world to help improve children’s access to health, education, child rights and protection. We operate in Nepal, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Cambodia. To date our projects have reached out to over 300,000 people overseas. We work with the world’s un-sung heroes – those working and living in developing countries who have been on the ground for years, at the heart of their communities, making a lasting difference to thousands of children every single day. We fund all of our work by getting people actively involved in the charity and the projects that they support.

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) creates a future of hope for children, families and communities by helping them develop the skills and resources to overcome poverty and pursue justice. For more than 50 years, CCFC has been helping children and families of all faiths move from poverty to self-reliance. CCFC supports children and communities in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nicaragua and Paraguay. Currently, CCFC has over 50,000 children sponsored, benefitting more than 500,000 people around the world.


From its beginnings in the crucible of the campaign to abolish slavery, a small group of pioneers became a worldwide network of people in mission. The Church Mission Society was founded in 1799 by this group of activist evangelical Christians committed to three great enterprises: abolition of the slave trade, social reform at home and world evangelisation.  The shape of mission has changed since then, but CMS still shares in the pioneering, evangelistic, relational and faithful spirit of our founders.  CMS Mission Partners are active in over forty countries across the globe, including the UK.   As an acknowledged community in the Church of England we believe every person is made to play their part in the mission of God to restore and heal a broken world and broken people. Local voices. Local vision. Local mission. All learning from each other and working together across the world.

The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) is an international member-based network dedicated to advocating, promoting and campaigning for the rights of street-involved children. CSC is committed to creating a better and sustainable future for some of the most disadvantaged and stigmatised children by working together to inform and inspire research and action that influences policy and best practice worldwide.


Defence for Children International (DCI) is an independent grassroots and human rights-based non-governmental organisation that has been promoting and protecting the human rights of children on a global, regional, national and local level for over 35 years, dedicated to ensuring an ongoing, practical, systematic and concerted international action as articulated by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), its Optional Protocols and all other existing international human rights standards and instruments.

Founded in 1979, the first International Year of the Child, DCI was one of the drafters of the CRC Convention.  DCI is one of the leading non-governmental organisations with regard to issues of juvenile justice with a ground presence in five continents, through 47 national sections and an International Secretariat (DCI-IS) located in Geneva, Switzerland. The DCI-IS is the heart of the DCI Movement, representing national sections at the international level, developing projects, and promoting children’s rights across the globe, and providing institutional, technical, and advocacy support for the activities and development of DCI’s national sections and associated members.


Educo, a member of ChildFund Alliance, is an international development NGO with over 25 years' experience acting in favour of children and in promotion of their rights, especially the right to equitable, quality education. 

Educo develops social projects in Spain, Africa, America and Asia, through which children participate in promoting just and equitable societies that guarantee their rights and wellbeing. They envision a world where all children fully enjoy their rights and lead a life of dignity.



Empowering Children Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organisation working toward the goals of protecting children from abuse and providing help for abused children, their families, and their caregivers. The facilities run by the Foundation offer psychological, medical, and legal help to victims of abuse and their caregivers. Empowering Children Foundation act for the improvement of the situation of children participating in legal procedures as witnesses. They run preventive activities to reduce threats to children on the Internet.  They organize specialized training programmes addressing the problem of child abuse for various groups of professionals and for interdisciplinary teams. They conduct research and analyses to expand the knowledge about the problem of child abuse and to provide basis for our activities.


Faith Associates was set up in 2004 as a non-theological consultancy to meet the needs of ethnic minority faith-based communities. Faith Associates work in a culturally sensitive, multidisciplinary way to provide research, training, advice and guidance to influence the challenges faced by communities. They recognize the key roles Mosques, Madrassahs and Islamic Centres play in providing guidance. Faith Associates also recognize the difficulties that face Imams and other key community leaders when providing guidance and a good, sound, education experience. Training courses are based on the experiences of those who participate to ensure relevance and greater involvement and ownership. All courses are delivered with clear aims and outcomes. To offer participants the opportunity to develop themselves and to provide them with new ways of thinking about their lives, both professionally and personally. Faith Associates set out to examine the mistrust and misconceptions of the modern British experience and to change these into a positive learning experience. 


Globalteer is a UK registered charity that runs community projects in Cambodia and Peru focussing on long term community-led solutions to challenges cased by extreme poverty and poor education. Globalteer also provides support and connects willing, skilled volunteers with carefully selected partner NGOs throughout South East Asia and Latin America. Globalteer seels to aid in the development of  self-sufficient, locally run projects which effectively address the most pressing needs of disadvantaged communities.  



GOAL is an international aid charity working to ensure the access to the fundamental right of life to the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. This includes those affected by humanitarian crises. GOAL has responded to almost every major disaster since its establishment in 1977 and currently works in 19 countries across the world. The organisation focuses mainly on four main areas: healthcare, child protection, emergency response and livelihoods. 

For more information, visit


Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) is an UK Based international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in loving family. Its vision is to be in a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care and their mission is to be the catalyst for the global eradication of institutional care for children.

HHC believes that all children need a loving family and a place to call home. It is a basic human right but too many children are still denied this right. There are an estimated 8 million children living in institutions across the globe, robbed of love and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Many more are at risk of separation from their families due to poverty, conflict and disease.

HHC works together with children, their families, communities, professionals, NGOs and governments across Central and Eastern Europe and Africa to ensure that institutionalisation becomes a thing of the past, and that no child has to grow up deprived of the love and care of a family. This can be achieved through strengthening families, providing family based care for children unable to live at home, closing institutions and developing institution-free childcare systems for future generations.



Hope for Children is an international charity that passionately believes every child has the right to a happy, healthy and positive childhood.

Almost half of the world’s children are vulnerable and living in poverty. Hope for Children are changing this by making a safe and fulfilling childhood a reality for more of the world’s children. They are improving their access to education and healthcare, empowering their families to support themselves whilst developing their confidence and self-esteem. Most importantly Hope for Children give children hope.

Human Appeal is a non-profit organisation working across the globe to strengthen humanity’s struggle against poverty, social injustice and natural disasters, through the provision of immediate relief and establishment of sustainable development programmes. Human Appeal was established and registered in UK in 1991 with the vision to create a just, caring and sustainable world free of poverty.  We operate in 25 countries with the approach of identifying solutions that are embedded in sustainability through empowerment, local ownership, capacity building, good governance, and effective project management.  Our network consists of field offices, partner offices, suppliers and donors (primarily UN Agencies such as WFP, WHO, OCHA, UNICEF, etc.). 

Our network includes professionals from emergency rapid response, technical experts in camp management, emergency shelter, child protection, food security, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) as well as an extensive network of over 2,000 dedicated volunteers.  We believe in empowering communities and, where possible, work with local partners and communities and assist them realising their potential through capacity building measures in responding to emergencies and disasters. In addition, we support NGO coordination networks and UN cluster approaches at the field level to make our actions more effective, collaborative and sustainable. We are committed to child protection and are mainstreaming child protection policies and programming within all our work. One of the important programmes implemented by Human Appeal is our work with vulnerable orphans and children. We work with vulnerable children to support the basic needs of children who have been orphaned in various countries across the world through a sponsorship programme. At Human Appeal we work to support more than 8000 orphans that live in the poorest of the poor conditions. By providing them with a financial support which would contribute towards costs for food, shelter and clothing as well as receiving adequate health care and education, we ensure that they have a safe, healthy and fruitful childhood. By aiding in the costs of school tuition, books and travel, orphans remain in school, avoiding the ills of exploitative and traumatising work.

International Inspiration is an international development charity that harnesses the power of sport to transform the lives of some of the poorest children in the world by giving them the chance to play sport, develop their skills and confidence and live healthier, happier and safer lives.

Misean Cara is an Irish development membership organisation, and work in the areas of education, health, income generation and livelihoods and human rights. The members live and work with marginalised and vulnerable local communities in some of the world’s most impoverished and disadvantaged regions. 

Misean Cara provides a range of services for the development work of its members. They provide funding for high quality development initiatives, along with effective oversight through monitoring, evaluation and audit. They ensure the enhancement of the members' capacity to deliver significant results through mentorship, research, learning and development activities and quality support.

Misean Cara's members’ approach to eliminate poverty targets the root causes of social inequalities through locally appropriate responses. Through partnership with local communities, and other international and national agencies, their work continue to make a difference to the lives of the poorest.


New World Hope Organization (NWHO) is a nonprofit organization that works to provide assistance to people across the globe by offering humanitarian services and environmental protection programs such as health, education, environment, water and sanitation, humanitarian and disability relief, climate change and natural disasters research and policy, assistance to  victims of natural or man-made disasters, poverty alleviation, and women’s and children’s rights.

New World Hope Organization is based in Pakistan and was established in December 1996.

Red een Kind Foundation is a Dutch Christian development organisation, working in Asia and Africa. Inspired by the love of God, Red een Kind desires vulnerable children, youngsters and their families, facing extreme poverty and other adverse circumstances, to live their lives in dignity and to the full. Red een Kind, in collaboration with local partner organisations, is enabling families and communities, challenged by marginalization, discrimination and poverty, to be a good and safe place with love, dignity and opportunity for vulnerable children. 


Sacred Sports Foundation Inc. is a leading Caribbean, non-governmental organisation based in Saint Lucia. Founded by the pioneering UK football coach Keith Alexander, the charity is dedicated to creating exceptional youth and social development programmes through physical activity and sports. SSF programmes assist in tackling critical social issues of youth unemployment, child welfare, healthy lifestyles and youth development, fostering increased community participation in socially inclusive physical activity, alongside efforts to promote positive gender awareness. The organisation has taken the lead on helping implement child safeguarding programmes in the region.



Please join us in welcoming our new member Skip Kids to the network.

Students for Kids International Projects (Skip) is a UK based student-led charity which supports child welfare through community projects in developing countries, such as Belarus, Cambodia, India and Tanzania. It envisages for all children to be cared for and supported in accessing the basic rights of health, welfare and education within their communities and for future professionals to have the awareness, ability and motivation to influence and contribute to global development. 

Skip achieves its mission through community projects in developing countries coordinated by its student-led branches based at 11 UK universities. 

To know more about Skip, please visit

We hope to have a long and meaningful association with Skip.

To join our network or to know more, please get in touch with Maryam Ehsani, our Child Safeguarding Network Manager at

Teach A Man To Fish is the global leader in supporting schools to set up profit-making businesses. This model focuses on skills needed in the job market and by self-employed entrepreneurs, addressing these needs through school-based enterprises.  The students’ involvement in the businesses makes their education more relevant to the workplace and means graduates leave school better prepared to succeed in work, in further education and in life. At a national level, the economy benefits from possessing a highly-trained and well-equipped workforce.  Teach A Man To Fish has brought the pioneering ‘Education That Pays For Itself’ model to more than 80 countries worldwide, reaching over 50,000 beneficiaries. Teach A Man to Fish has partners in Central America, Africa and Asia and provide training and capacity building via competitions, workshops and consultancy projects. 


The mission of the Kasiisi Project is conservation of Kibale National Park, Uganda, through programs in 14 rural government primary schools that support education, health and care for the environment. Founded in 1997, the Kasiisi Project works in collaboration with partner Ugandan NGO, The Kibale Forest Schools' Program, forest research programs, protected area authorities, the district education department and the community, to improve academic standards for 10,000 primary school children living close to the park. Programs include infrastructure, teacher training, post primary scholarships, conservation and health education, school lunches, pre-schools, literacy and the special needs of girls. 


The Voice of Libyan Women (VLW) was founded in August 2011 as a result of the February 17 Revolution which renewed not only their hope for equality in Libya, but also renewed the hope of the Libyan society as a whole in their basic human rights, including women’s rights. This hope quickly translated into action, which VLW believes is the best method for any concrete improvement with regards to women’s rights.

VLW has grown considerably since its founding, it remains a youth-led organization with a strong base in in the town of Zawia. As a group of young Libyan women from different backgrounds, VLW's ultimate goal is to advocate for an increased investment into one of Libya’s greatest resources which unfortunately has yet to receive the attention it deserves: women.

Activities focus mainly on: improving the political participation and the economic empowerment of women in Libya and VLW are active in advocating against gender based violence. 

Villages of Hope - Africa is a Canadian charitable organisation which provides food, education and healthcare to children in need and housing for children who have no place to live. It’s mission is to bring lasting hope to children at risk so they can embrace adulthood as independent and contributing members of society.  VOH – Africa  currently work in five countries in Africa  - Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.



War Child UK provides support to the most vulnerable children whose families and communities have been torn apart by conflict. These children might include street children, child headed households, children conscripted into armed groups, and children who have been put in prison.  Its mission is to support and improve the care and protection of children and young people who live in abject poverty and in some of the worse conflict-affected places.  War Child looks forward to a world where the lives of children are no longer so direly affected by war.  This is a vision that can only be realised through the collective actions of children themselves, communities and their leaders, organisations like War Child, governments and key decision makers.