Child safeguarding auditing

Implementing a child safeguarding policy and procedures has implications for every key function within an organisation: governance, management, planning, human resource development, programme/project management, service/product delivery, fundraising, communications, IT, public relations, volunteer management, and monitoring and evaluation. The larger the organisation the more difficult it may be to know whether child safeguarding has been fully integrated across the entire organisation, especially if there are regional and country offices.

An external child safeguarding audit can help determine how well your policy and procedures are understood and implemented by your staff, consultants, volunteers, and partner organisations.

As the only provider in the world of audit services based on international child safeguarding standards, Keeping Children Safe has the expertise to deliver high quality audits to international organisations. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in international relief, development, sports, and education, we have developed sector specific audit procedures which we tailor to meet your individual needs.  As a result, your audit will be unique to your sector, to reflect the specific child safeguarding risks you face.

“A huge thank you to you and your team of auditors for the way in which you are responding to the task and the pressure that comes with trying to do something like this across 30 diverse and disparate organisations.” – Richard Powell, Director of Global Child Safeguarding, Save the Children International

The key objectives of the child safeguarding audit are

  • to validate the information provided through a standards-based self-assessment process and,

  • to test the robustness of the safeguarding measures of your organisation

The audit process involves a review of child safeguarding and other organisational documentation, as well as site visits to your head office and field locations. The report will then point out your strengths and weaknesses. It will also include concrete recommendations to improve your child safeguarding measures.

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